What Colour is Barcelona?

smart colouring book with stories for kids and their parents
Our illustrations are done in black ink so that they can be coloured in. We print the book on thick uncoated paper - perfect for your coloured pencils, crayons and felt pens!
Chapter: Beach
Barcelona has amazing beaches, right? Have you ever wondered where did the sand came from? Well, this sand has travelled too, just like we did! While I have wings and fly from city the city, the sand arrived here on large cargo ships all the way from the Sahara desert.
Ola the Seagull
Chapter: Antoni Gaudí
I love to fly over the beautiful roofs of Barcelona. And especially those created by Antoni Gaudí - the famous architect. Seagull or not, everybody gasps when they see his chimneys looking like warriors, and the dragon-like tiles or little houses looking as if they have been sprinkled with icing sugar.
Ola the Seagull
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Chapter: Human Towers
In Paris, there is the Eiffel Tower and in Barcelona, they make towers from people. How? Well, people in Barcelona and all over Catalonia compete in a special kind of sport. They climb on each other shoulders and form tall towers or castles, as they call it here. You can watch it during city festivals. And everybody cheers and celebrates when the human tower is complete.
Ola the Seagull
Chapter: Eixample
Chapter: Sun and Rain
Although it doesn't often rain in Barcelona, people here have many ways to describe bad weather. Sometimes, when it hails it sounds like little squids are falling from the sky.
Ola the Seagull
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